Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Muze Girisi, Istanbul

The Muze Girisi is an amazingly little private museum. The Girisi family family made their amazing collection open to the public. Pictures weren’t allowed. I found that out after I’d taken picture of the benefactors. What a lovely family!  Exhibits went back to 10th century or earlier, examples of gold jewelry, marble busts, pottery, clothing. It was a wonderful little museum that was a joy to walk through.  Mehmet Tetik had taken us on a bus ride to near the end of the Bosphorus where the museum is. I could just see where the Black sea was, less than 2 hours away from Istanbul central.  The Muze Girisi was nearly and hour bus ride but rarely riding buses I did enjoy the people watching.  Mehmet says it snows 4 times a year in Istanbul and this was one of them.  So the schools were closed and traffic was sparse but still slow.

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