Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cappadocia - some more pictures

These are some pictures I took of Cappadocia. Some may have been put up in my blog but others didn’t really fit anywhere so I’m just uploading them now.  Partly its that I’m sometimes taking pictures with my iPhone and then those pictures get uploaded to the computer in a different order so I don’t see them when I’m first writing the blog.  Some I just like second time round and others were just too many of a kind first time round.  There’s just that much to see in Cappadocia.  Everywhere I looked there was a picture.
Picture of Mehmet Buyukata (buyukata_( and me.
IMG 7471

DSCN3984DSCN4005DSCN4000DSCN4014DSCN4044DSCN4049IMG 7422DSCN4056DSCN3979IMG 7429IMG 7400IMG 7396DSCN4106DSCN4119

IMG 7455DSCN4130IMG 7449IMG 7448IMG 7451
Family of feather chimneys.  father mother son daughter
The region’s leader is a potter.

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