Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Instanbul Military Museum

The Instanbul Military Museum held a lot of history. There were the weapons of armour used through the years but also large depictions of the various pivotal battles in the Ottoman Empire. I finally understood the layout of the Gallipoli battle thanks to the models.  The Mehter Military Band performance was sensational.
Mehmet II conquered Constantinople
Horse armour.
China’s Great Wall built to keep Turks out.
IMG 7550IMG 7552IMG 7553IMG 7556
Mail turkish shield. Other shields from India.  Then a room with reconstruction of the military college where Ataturk attended.
IMG 7558IMG 7559IMG 7562IMG 7567
They had Canada’s Ross Rifle on display along with other famous rifles.
IMG 7569IMG 7570IMG 7571IMG 7574IMG 7576IMG 7578
IMG 7580IMG 7584
Canons and mortars and machine guns and reconstruction of the hamman in the military college.
IMG 7602
Reconstrustion of the assassination..
IMG 7603IMG 7604IMG 7605IMG 7606IMG 7607IMG 7610IMG 7617

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