Monday, September 24, 2012

Hunting with the Honda Big Ruckus

"What is that thing?" he asked.
He was another hunter who was riding a Honda quad.
"It's a Honda Big Ruckus, 250 cc."
"Is it made for off road?"
"It was made for gravel roads but it really does well off road too." I'd traded my Honda 230 CRF for a Polaris 500 Sportsman but a man child had not returned it so thankfully Laura had let me use her Big Ruckus which I'd got her a year ago so we could ride together to Whistler. Standing with the 4 other hunting men I didn't mention that it really was my girlfriend's motorcycle. I just accepted the praise and fascination.
I really was enjoying the Ruckus. It's a scooter. Automatic. Street legal. That's what I like over the quad.
We were hunting moose but when Luke saw one it skiddadled to safety before he could get his rifle up. I saw 4 and they got away too disappearing into the thick forest off the side of the road.
It was spike fork season and because of the fabulous autumn weather they were getting a full nights fun and frolick and going to bed early in the morning. We weren't seeing them that much but there was all the evidence in the world that they were about. Regular moose highways of tracks in mud and sandy areas.
We were shooting grouse and Gilbert the cockapoo was flushing and finding the birds we shot. He even rode between my knees on the ruckus. It's got room on the back too to carry his box so he can come along for the ride.
I figure if I do shoot a deer or bear I can carry it out on the ruckus. I once rode down a Vancouver Island hillside sitting on the back of another fellows off road honda motorcycle with a deer being carried under my rump. If that littler Honda could do that, this Honda Big Ruckus could carry one for sure. It wouldn't be able to carry a moose but I figured when I was off riding alone with a rifle on my back I'd just go get my truck, and hopefully my friends Luke and Tom, if I shot one. The last moose I shot three years back I was riding my little Ruckus, the 50 cc one when I saw that moose on a hill and shot it. Luke and Tom did all the hauling, gutting and cleaning, and getting the moose in the back of the truck.
As it was this trip, we didn't get a moose, but each of us took a turn on the Ruckus with the other two and Gilbert following behind in the truck. Half the fun of hunting is all the other stuff we get up to like riding a Honda Big Ruckus high speed fishtailing on gravel logging roads.

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