Monday, September 24, 2012

Grizzly Lake Cabin, Clearwater, BC

The volunteers of Wells Gray wilderness community maintain some cabins for hunters and winter recreational users. It's a first come first serve basis. The Gizzly Lake cabin is terrific with an obviously superb stove for folks who must enter the area on ski doo in winter. It gave me a good feeling to see that despite people carving their names and such on walls, clearly people had made an effort over the decades of this cabins existence to keep it in good condition. There was a guest log going back to the early 90's.
Seeing the set up I remembered other hunting and trapping cabins I'd stayed in while hunting and winter cross country skiing. There was an alpine lodge too I used down hill skiing one year. These are amazing shelters that keep one alive in the cold of winter.
I'd done my time as a young doctor learning how to make Quincies and staying in Igloos in Churchill Manitoba, While they were terrific solutions to cold weather I personally still prefer a good old cast iron wood stove and lots of room to dress, cook and have coffee.
Luke who was hunting with Tom and I this fall had stayed in this one one year when the temperature was 20 below. They'd been enjoying a balmy day hunting only to have the evening temperature drop through the floor. He said they really had enjoyed the stove then.
We had lunch there and the camp friend, the Whiskey Jack, flew down and took food out of Luke's hand. He would have been even more daring but Gilbert kept barking at the begging competition.
There was no need for a stove on this day. We had incredibly high temperatures for late September with everyone going in shirt sleeves in the afternoon.

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