Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clearwater, BC - Hunting

Well, it's been spectacular weather for autumn. Normally it's much colder but this year I'm wearing shorts and t-shirt all day. I threw a flannel shirt over the t shirt at 6 am this morning and wore long pants till around 10 am. By then I'd shot a grouse and missed another. Mostly though I was driving around the logging roads scouting out the moosie bits. Luke and Tom are joining me tomorrow for the opening of immature bull moose. Right now 4 point mule deer, black bear, grouse, ducks and geese are already open. All I've seen in the grouse here but there's lots of black bear around.

We have the RV in the Dutch Lake Resort and RV Park. Laura loves it here. With Dad having a turn for the worse and Laura's latest grandchild due we thought it best to stay on the grid. I've seen lots of fantastic Wells Grays Wilderness sites. Another time we'd park the RV here. The tenting spots in the summer for fishing on the lakes are everywhere. This really is a wilderness paradise. Don't know if Tom and Luke will stay here with us or choose to camp where the moose hunting is, about 30 km outside Clearwater on logging roads. I've driven around the whole area mostly and that's where it looks most moosie but they could be anywhere. All I've seen crossing roads driving have been three mule deer does but I've not been up early when the game are out when the weather is this good.

I don't know what I would have done with a deer or bear if I'd shot one. It's so hot I'd have had to drive back to Kamloops to find a butcher or a freezer. The 3 grouse I've shot are in our RV freezer.

Gilbert is having the time of his life. He's running a million miles to my one. We've been hiking a few hours each day and when we get back he sleeps. He's going to be all muscle.

I've loved taking pictures of the area. It really is truly beautiful part of British Columbia Canada.

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