Friday, September 7, 2012

Grave Robbing

Emmett Fox warns against 'grave robbing'. He describes grave robbing as bringing up negative events and times from the past and going over them in one's mind. Reading this the smell of putrefaction came over me. It wasn't bad enough that the poor times of the past were revisitted but in the enclosed space of my mind the stench was almost overwhelming.
In therapy we 'share' and 'review' events together that we have commonly perceived erroneously alone. What we think is a failure is merely a 'bike lesson'. One falls down often to learn to cycle. Just as a child learns to walk by falling so we learn to love and grow in so many ways.
When I extract events in isolation from my past and nurse the pain of them I'm 'graverobbing'.
It's often dwelling on 'resentments' too which allows me to wallow in self pity and then behave in the most uncivilized and immature ways because I have a 'good excuse'. I rationalize my behaviour today based on ancient history. Grave digging serves this purpose.
What I need to do is focus on the present and on loving. Grave robbing is seriously sick and at the very moment these negative past remembrances try to invade my mind I must stop them on the beaches with love or simply ignore them by distracting my monkey mind with higher more important matters such as those of the present. It's called the 'present' because it is God's gift to me and to you.

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