Monday, September 24, 2012

Dutch Lake Resort and RV, Clearwater, BC

We really enjoyed staying at the Dutch Lake Resort and RV right in Clearwater, BC at the turn off before the bridge right beside the RCMP Station. I never ate at the Painted Turtle Restaurant at the the Resort but Laura did with her cousin Catherine and said it was lovely. Tour buses stopped there daily for the famed cuisine.
The lake has rainbow and kokanee. Despite my efforts with lures and worms it still has rainbow and kokanee. I saw another fisherman catching them and Laura said she saw the actual fish by the dock in the morning.
I loved the location for hunting and fishing. It was only 5 minutes from the incredible network of logging roads where we hunted moose, bear, deer, hare and ruffed grouse. We got ruffed grouse, sometimes 5 or more a day, often seeing coveys of 4 or more. Gilbert was a specialist at raising them and finding the birds we shot. Luke got a rabbit. The moose, deer and bear are still there. We saw them but we weren't able to shoot them, not for lack of trying either.
The town of Clearwater has the most incredible food mart with everything you could find in a major downtown supermarket. There were several restaurants and we loved the friendly folk at the gas station.
It was really quiet in the RV Park and the views were incredible. We barbecued and Luke made great fires. Laura stayed at the trailer during the day while Tom, Luke, Gilbert and I went off hunting. She says she mostly lay in the sun reading fashion magazines but occasionally walked about the park.
Her cousin, Catherine, came down with her kayak from Salmon Arm and rented one of the resort cabins. Laura and she loved it. It was right on the water and had the most elegant tasteful decor.
Catherine and Laura then chatted up a storm while the guys were in the woods hunting. Catherine's one son was a Canadian Air Force who served in Afghanistan, her other son a business manager, her daughter a dental assistant is the same age as Laura's son. But mostly they talked about their sisters as the four of them all played together summers on the beach growing up.
Dutch Lake Resort turned out to be this place that served both the girls and the guys. At night when we all got back together Gilbert however got the most attention.

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