Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good morning, God

Good Morning, God

Will we play more hide and seek today?
Will I remember and forget you and fail to see your hand in play?
Will I follow you and praise you and celebrate your day?
Or will I be grim with fear and ignorance acting all alone
In this grand community of souls that all are you
And I am to treat each one as me or you and love
For this is my kindergarden of loving, is it not God?
This is my place for learning peace and civilization
I have within me lizard and predator pack animal
So to devolve to these killing machines I have and have been
Is not of your desire for me
Evolution is forgiveness and learning to be greater than I am
Courage is rising above fear; Character is beyond personality
I am yours to use, God, I am here for you
May I be loving in all I do and protect me God
Protect me from all that would lower me
Help me to rise and let me know thy lightness
Let me be lifted up on wings of an eagle.
Thank you God for another day.

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