Friday, September 21, 2012

Clearwater, BC -Hunting with Luke, Tom and Gilbert

Up at 6 am. Porridge and coffee. Trucks packed the night before. Driving up logging roads at dawn. Luke had his Rhino GPS and was taking us to Grizzly Lake where he'd been once before. He was in his truck with Gilbert and the Honda Big Ruckus on the back. Tom and I were in the my truck.
They were in front and stopped as a moose ran in front of him. He was getting his rifle out while Gilbert was ran after it up the hill. Tom and I joined up but the moose was long gone.
We left Tom and Gilbert to fish at a lake further past Grizzly. Luke went off in his truck. I took the Big Ruckus, 250 cc, up the mountain seeing lots of bear sign and moose sign but none of the animals that made them.
Back at the lake Tom hadn't caught any fish but I'd shot one grouse and Luke a couple. Gilbert was ecstatic we were all together. He found a grouse head from where Luke had cleaned the bird and brought this to us to play a grissly game of 'ball'. I would like him to 'fetch' the grouse not just find them so we played 'fetch' with the grouse head for a while.
A couple of other hunters on quads came by. We chatted a bit. We'd meet a couple more people and one dog that had Gilbert really excited at as social opportunity.
We ate lunch, the hard boiled eggs Laura had made with trail snacks, cheese, kippers, chocolates and apples. It was a glorious sunny fall day and life was good.
After lunch we headed round the mountain to a clearing where we target practiced for a bit before heading back to the moosey area. I shot another couple of grouse and Luke shot 2 more as well, he having shot 4 to my 3 for the day. We chided Tom for not catching any trout but he was there to drive the truck and prepared to help haul moose, complaining that we hadn't given him employment hauling moose.
At night we loaded up and drove the 20 minutes back to Dutch Lake Resort where Luke built a fire then cleaned the last of the grouse. Laura had warmed up the rabbit stew I'd made and we had that with Caesar Salads.
Then we planned the morning hunt.

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