Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God is in charge

God is in charge
Decisions made are way above my pay grade
Cataclysmic catastrophes aren't in my domain
I'm a little bit of a vastness incomprehensible to me
Not a victim but a co creator with a single voice
Among billions of trillions in the song of salvation
There are those who have gone before
Those who are here and those yet to come
And we're all facets of the jewel of the one
I am a bit of fluff in the flower of life blossoming
God is captain of the ship
I am crew and would do as I am told
But often times feel without instructions
On a clear day I see him in the bridge
But in the rough seas I'm all alone
Not knowing where sky and sea depart
Fearful and ashamed, begging in prayer
I am the mail room man waiting for a paycheck
From the great CEO far above me
Whose purpose I cannot but assume
I've read the sacred books
I've meditated on the psalms
I've been still and moved
Yet I remain a foot soldier in the greatest army
Of the wisest commander whose smile
I remember when he passed muster
It could be for all but I know it was for me
A train employee somewhere back in the caboose
Longing to hear what the engineer has to say
As I'm an infant in the womb
Not yet mewling and still knowing
That I am not the prime creator
I am ignorance itself if I have forgotten identity
For I would know you
And in death shall
So patiently I'll try not to second guess
And will resist gossip
But do the next right thing
And carry this burden of a day till the close of night
As you are light

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