Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank you

Thank you God of no name, of all names. Generic and specific. Transcendent and incandescent. I am glad to be alive today. I don't know the alternative but I'll take this. The sunshine is a blast. Thank you for the sleep. I have known too many sleepless nights and last night I slept the whole night through waking with only the standard aches and pains. My life is not so much like television. No alien monster has exploded through the wall of my room and eaten my entrails. I have not been bombed by friends or foe. My cat is not dying. I have plants that surprisingly live and fish that even as I speak are swimming contentedly, I believe, in the tank that a wonderful young man made wholesome after I filled it with sludge. Thank you for the friends that make things right after you screw them up. Thank you even now as my boat is being restored and I can dream of sailing once again. Thank you for my body parts that work. Thank you for my education that has helped me appreciate that which is less obvious. Thank you for all manner of matter that comes with discipline and the discipline that I've had to know this all. Thank you for the patience I've had in learning and working. Thank you for the kindness I've had from family and friends. Thank you for my past and my present and my future whatever it may be though I do hope that Arnold Schwartzeneger doesn't have to protect me from cybords or that I must be whipped away with only a towel from the dreaded Vorgon and their awful poetry. Help me to appreciate all that I have and not so often be wanting more and unhappy with the horror of two footightis. Help me to be forever grateful and may I know you the source of all, creator and imminent forever resurrecting imploding exploding energy and light and being and beingness. Thank you friend and parent.

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