Sunday, July 5, 2009

Princeton Muncipal Campground

Princeton Campsite
We never left the Princeton Municipal Campsite. The plan was to go onto the Okanagan for the dry heat. Larua and I both had colds and taking a medicinal break from the coast was part of the trips design. We found Princeton had heat and dry enough for both of us. Laura wasn’t quick to leave indoor plumbing. The campsite was quiet with lots of elderly people and little kids and dogs and no teen agers. Probably that had to do with the hometown friendly hosts, Karen and Jim, being in a trailer here themselves. It’s a motorcycle campers dream escape with amenities, proximity to food and drinks and restaurants but camping by a river off the highway in the country.
I left Laura to her lawn book reading in the sun while I drove the Harley all over the back country. The Summerland road was a biker’s delight for travelling by farms and ranches on an easy winding road. The Old Hedley was paved but really backcountry. I took my rod and tackle with me planning to catch rainbow because there’s certainly a lot of those about as I’d found on earlier trips but exploring just got the best of me. What’s over the next hill? What’s around the next bend. Pine trees, mountains, streams and rolling ranch country. I had my camera but who wants to stop when the winding rolling motorcycling flow is on one. And what camera captures the wind and the fragrance of pine and sage. Heavenly feelings. Then back at the campsite with the town little more than walking distance I dragged home the Bavarian sausages, rye and cheese wiz I’d captured in a Styrofoam container with cold drinks and ice. Roughing it never got better.

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