Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Antonnio

San Antonnio is a beautiful city. There’s not just the Alamo. It’s a major convention centre with all the 5 star hotels. This Hyatt with a river cascade running through the lobby is a delight. The room is charming and lunch in the restaurant was superb. Everyone is southern hospitality personified too. The other major feature is the River Walk. Very European. A touch of Amsterdam really. But very Tex Mex. There’s white table cloth steak houses as well as seafood restaurants with fresh fish flown in from the Gulf. I even had raw oysters from Louisiana. A mariachi band played when a group of us decided on traditional Mexican food along the River walk. The shops have unique fashions combining European Spanish with Cowboy and Mexican. The Stetson shop is around the corner from Harley Davidson. As a tourist I’ve loved the museums and history. Places like the Buckhorn with all its Texas Ranger history. Then there’s the Mercado with great Mexican buys. The night of the dead sculptures, finest silver and tooled leather work. I’m really enjoying this city wishing only that I had more time to appreciate it.

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