Monday, July 27, 2009

Bill C 15 Mandatory Jail for Drug Trafficking and Growing

Cannibis Culture magazine says, 'Stop Bill C 15'. The Senate is presently holding up Bill C 15. Almost 40 years ago I had high school friends who went to jail for possession of marijuania. It changed their lives drastically for the negative. There but for the grace of God go I. Thanks to the increasing enlightenment regarding the real source of the problem end users have been increasingly diverted to treatment rather than jailed. The results are excellent. Addiction is a treatable disease that should not be treated by jail.

A decade ago I brought in pictures of BC grow operations where I used to recreation. These grow ops were acres of public land. |I was frustrated that I couldn't go into the wilderness without having to face that after working all week with the ravages of addiction and paying the most ungodly taxes supporting the criminals of British Columbia in low and high places. The police told me that they could do nothing, literally nothing. In fact, they told me I might get in more trouble for taking the pictures. Nothing was done. Big business Marijuania was like all big business. Connected.

The growers and dealers who profitted from the disease of addiction get away as clean as the Tobacco Companies do today. In fact the tobacco companies pay for the government salaries putting government in a decided conflict of interest. Luxury taxes were never supposed to go to general revenue but solely to health care and education denying that very conflict of interest.

I agree that mandatory jail sentences should be required for those tobacco company CEO's who promote the sale of tobacco to minors, develop slick marketting campaigns for teen agers and profit from such advertising and promotion. The same holds true for the pot growers. It even holds more true for meth labs which are what Vancouver is more famous for. Cocaine and heroin traffickers and dealers are no different really.

The end user addict is not the problem. They have a disease that requires treatment. It's the money men who profit from that disease that are. Finally, there is a real effort to make those most responsible for the problem accountable. And where is our government senate. Delaying.

While we are at mandatory jail sentences for traffickers and growers, could we have mandatory urine drug testing for senators as well. The documentary Cocaine Cowboys showed just how much government was being paid by the drug cartels in Florida. What's the going rate for a Canadian senator these days in comparison? Are anyone but the criminals asking this question?

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