Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Animals Are More Equal!

5 Rabbis are arrested for money laundering in the millions and the report is called, "Anti - Semitism".
If I steal I go to jail. No one calls it 'anti - Christian', 'anti - goy' or 'anti - gentile." We've had our share of televangelists caught. Fundamentalist rabbi's have been caught feeding whacko propaganda against the Palestinians. There are whacko priests, whacko imans, whacko rabbis, and definitely whacko televangelists. But if they're caught breaking the law, the term is 'criminal', not 'anti semitic.
A black man verbally abuses a white cop calling him racist. It's very much an upper class incident by a very priviledged and well heeled black man. My suspicion is immediately that he is trying to sell his books or gain some solidarity, fellow black man claiming abuse, when indeed it would appear he was the abusive one. If I abuse a police officer, it's not called "racist". It's called, "against the law". Yet President Obama is saying the police are 'stupid'. Maybe they are. But people would call me stupid if I abused the police.
It always seems that people who claim to want 'equality' want to be 'more equal'. Today everyone is special.
The next time I'm money laundering or caught abusing policemen I plan to say, stop that right now. You're being 'anti Christian' and 'anti white trash', you 'anti-crackerjack', 'anti-honky' you.
While you're at it could you stop the covert racism called 'blond' jokes. Freud said alot of humor is 'veiled' hostility". Can't think of anything more hostile than blond jokes. Some people stalk you with their hypersensitivity and then say you're insensitive. As if 'intolerance' was a virtue. These people aren't victims, they're just very aggressive people using the political and legal system to their advantage for their personal gain.
Now where can I get in for these millions of money laundering and police bashing, now that I've got a ready answer for the media. Anti Christian, Anti White Trash Abuse! Anti-Crackjack. Anti Honky. Ban Blond Jokes!

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