Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ballet BC's Swan is now very much a Phoenix Rising. Emily Molnar, of the Frankfurt Ballet, National Ballet and New York City Choreographic Institute is the new artistic director. Last year's financial problems have been addressed and the new season is shaping up to be a dance extravaganza. It opens with a September 30, 2009 Playhouse Theatre Gala and World Premiere by Emily Molnar with principal guest artists from the National Ballet of Canada.
A unique Canadian contemporary ballet company of classical dancers, Ballet BC is long overdue for the support their hard work and talent deserves!
The all too dopey city of Vancouver woke up last year when it almost lost a cultural icon. Proud of one of the highest achievements of this city of art, the finest citizens rallied to ensure Vancouver was known for more than the gangland slayings of Surrey.
"We realized that we'd made mistakes in customer service and communications, " board members admitted. Subscribers overwelmingly backed the dancers and the choreographers lamenting the failure of the business minds to match the genius of their artists.
The Board with old and new members rallied under duress. Now they are surprising everyone with fresh ideas, discussion groups, membership polls and true enthusiasm. They're a regular Rocky in Tights. And that's the music that heralds this seasons' Ballet BC with Emily Molnar, the new artistic director.

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