Saturday, July 11, 2009

The New Pornography

I bought my June, Scientific American Mind,Volume 2, Number 3, 2009 with cover loudly advertising "Special Collection on Sex", "Your Sexual Brain" "What Kisses Mean", "Why Men Buy". It might as well have been Cosmopolitan but not surprisingly I felt none of the brown paper bag anxiety I might have if I had the latest Penthouse or for that matter, Cosmopolitan. Not only that I read it at the restaurant table while having pie and ice cream. The waitress didn't bat an eye. So much has to do with packaging. The article on Bonobo Sex and Society was excellent. I really enjoyed learning about the short Orangutangs with napoleon complex and rape tendencies. The Orgasmic Mind was hot. I was particularly interested in the finding that "when a woman reached orgasm, something unexpected happened: much of her brain went silent." Perhaps that's also what motivates male sexual activity, I thought. The whole magazine was in truth really great geek sex bits and I'd strongly recommend it to any one. It did not cause me to have an erection or orgasm however. Perhaps that says alot about the importance for men of mystery in sex. It's better if we don't think too much about it. That said, knowing the diversity of human behaviour there's at least one adolescent man or woman out there sneaking this Scientific American into the family or dorm washroom. Probably best to get a new copy.

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