Monday, December 26, 2016

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York - Picabia Exhibit

We were fortunate to be at MoMA when they were having an exhibit of avant garde Francis Picabia, one of the early DADA movement.  DADA was a response to war and challenged all the ideas that went before it.  Picabia began as an impressionist but offended because he painted from a picture.  This apparently upset Pisarro no end.  Purism and all that among the already outrageous.  I’ve loved over the years learning bits and pieces about these wonderfully eccentric characters who not only produced great works but got along and squabbled with each other.
The Picabia exhibit was terrific if only because, 1) I didn’t know of him 2) his whole life was represented showing his growth and versatility. He began with impressionism then moved onto cubism.  Then eclecticism.   I loved most his ‘transparencies’ where he juxtaposed images.  All of it was great.  Just a joy to walk through a great art gallery looking at a masterful presentation of a great work
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