Monday, December 26, 2016

MoMA, New York City - miscellaneous art

Laura and  I really loved the 5th floor with the impressionists, post impressionists, cubists and surrealists. It was amazing to see Van Gohn’s Starry Nights, Matisse’s dancers and Salvador Dali’s clocks and so much more. I loved the Klee, Chagall and Klimt.  Then the Picabia exhibit was incredible, seeing the life of a great artists works through his various periods. The psychedelic art of the 60’s was simply wild with Warhol and flashbacks.
But that was only a bit of the whole of MoMA, a couple of floors. There were 6 floors and performance exhibits and photography and just a whole lot of art. I came round a corner and damn there was Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World.  Everywhere there was iconic art.  But also there was this exhibit of Russian art before Stalin.  Stalin introduced the ‘socialist realism’ and that’s all I’d really seen, these plump propaganda peasants. But here at this exhibit was the whole of the really creative  constructionist period of art when Russians were being original.  No doubt a lot ended in the Gulags as a result.  But it was an experience to see a whole era of art I wasn’t aware of.
There was also an exhibit of Lovers and another of the work of a variety of photographers. There was Nan Goldin’s “The Ballad of Sexual Dependencies”, posters,  book covers and spiritualism.  And much more.  Laura and I walked through looking and commenting and generally having an extraordinary time.
We met a delightful member of the gallery, a 72 yo gorgeous lithe creature wearing a red scarf,  doing a survey for MoMA. Laura loved her and we talked  of art, travel and love like old friends though we were strangers who’d just met.  What a delight.  Something in the space and experience of MoMA makes for such possibilities.
Lounge areas and cafes, with spacious washrooms on every floor as well.  The whole layout and design of the building  made the museum one of the most enjoyable experiences.  Lightness of being came to mind.  Uplifting and a celebration of human achievement.
Thank you MoMA!
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