Sunday, December 4, 2016

Levi Jeans, The Bay

It’s amazing what 2 inches does to one’s sense of well being. With the other pants I was wearing I was constantly reminded that I had expanded my girth. Coming into the Christmas season I was definitely anxious and concerned.  Yet just buying a pair of stretchy levi’s 2 inches larger at the waist has comforted me.  I can return to complete denial about the need to avoid pastries, chocolates and all those other Christmas treats I live for.  I imagine walking around the city as exercise.

The best part is I no longer fear my lower half is going gangrenous when I sit.  

It was these Levi’s or the increasingly city street quality sweat pants. Polo has a pair in 1X size which were so seductive I almost fell for temptation.   But no, these Levi lept out at me instead. The Bay saleswoman, very attractive indeed, recommended I take the smaller size in with the larger one insisting I really was my former girth.  

“Really, “ she said when I returned with the Fat Size Levi’s, “I really would have thought those would be too big on you. Art you sure they won’t slip down”  

Colour and blood was flowing into my lower regions at this time. I’d just changed and kept the larger sized Levi’s on.  I don’t expect I could have got back into the others. I’d fight tooth and claw for these new ones.   

The saleswoman was increasingly attractive.  I was reminded of how unappealing an earlier 20ish  saleswoman  was.  She had asked me what I did for a  living. Then when I told her I was a physician, she asked if I was still working.  White hair. Expanding girth.  Wrinkles and jowls. Still I recognized the ugly head of  ageism.  

So there I was screaming Agist Agist and shouting Old Lives Matter staging a one man Riot in a department store.  In my mind.

That’s the difference between young women and older women.  The package was pretty indeed but the  older woman at Bay Levi was downright sexy. 

Laura knowing men, quickly commented too, “You look slimmer in them than in the smaller size jeans.”  I began to perk up and strut little with such incredible women about.   I could also feel  my feet. Sensation was coming back.  The blood was returning upwards.

“Thank you, Ladies,” I said, happy to proffer my Bay card and get the 50% sale.  

Now I’m enjoying the maple do nut at Tim Horton’s. God Life is good!

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Anonymous said...

sham on you

no more donuts for you