Friday, December 30, 2016

Columbia University

We had planned to go to a meeting at Central Office however when we’d taken the #1 NYC subway up to 116 avenue we found we were at Columbia University.  475 Riverside which is near 120th was closed for the holidays.  The main entrance was locked but the reception at the rear entrance told me the whole building was shut for a ‘building holiday’.
Being there we decided to wander around the campus.   I’d only just been recently looking at conferences here because Teacher’s College  has a Spiritual Mind Body Institute which I’d thought might be worth following up on.  Here I was serendipitously at the campus and now might even find it possible to attend a conference in the future. It’s certainly an attractive and good excuse to return  to New York City.  It certainly helps that Central Office is nearby in the Interchurch Centre.
The Spiritual Mind Body Institute is what I’ve looked at the last couple of years.  Nothing was open because of the holidays but the Library had an exhibit of ancient Asian art so was open.  Laura and I walked around.
As universities go it has a nice feel. Certainly a beautiful campus.
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