Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Presence - Pacific Theatre

Christmas Presence! Another year.  Ron Reed reading selected Christmas tales  and humour.  I love Shepherds. I love the Barbarians invited for Christmas dinner. I’ve been coming for years.  Was thinking of earlier years with Michael Hart singing and playing guitar. First time I heard him and listened to his cd’s for years after.  Loved seeing the pianist I’d missed, this year.  Every year the musicians are the finest. Loved the year Sherri Plett sang. That was only a few years ago. I got the cd that year and loved it playing in the car going to work. Made the drive less stressful.
My friend was at Christmas Presence on the weekend and couldn’t believe the band wasn’t a fixed group. Ron Reed said they’d played most songs through once before the show.  You’d never know. They are such consumate musicians. The sign of talent.  And inspired. Singing and playing music about the birth of Christ at Christmas. Well not just about the Birth of Christ but everything about Christmas, like the story about the turkey dinner.  There was an actual Christmas carole but it was real funky folk and there was a story about a minister who got angry one Christmas until he saw his little boy cry.  It was that sort of story, tender.  And moving and touching and Christmas. And I missed my now dead Mother and Father and brother but I didn’t feel alone. I thank Ron and the Christmas Presence performers for that.  I really liked the guitars, the mandolin and violins and stan up base and drums and piano and weird blue grass instrument that sounded so sweet.  I’m so glad they have cd’s to share so I can enjoy the rest of the year.
It really was Christmas Presence.    A whole lot good fun.  Sounded like I think an egg nog would sound like.
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