Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Anna's Birthday

Tom and I were coming home from the storage locker. We’d finally unloaded my garage of the summer camping gear and fall hunting and winter hunting gear. Tents, sleeping bags, fishing rods, tarps, lounge chairs, summer clothes and cammo gear and packs.  We filled the ford truck crew cab to the ceiling and had the chairs and tables stacked in the back. For the first time in a couple of months I could see the floor.  We were pretty proud of our efforts.
I wanted to drop a turkey off for the god kids so phoned Kevin. He was on his way with Anna to celebrate her birthday at the Cactus Club.  Astonishingly they wanted a couple of old guys along on their date night.  Cactus club is great for steaks.
Anna looked ravishing as usual.  Kevin had been taking great pictures. I love his bird photography. We were all talking about Jesus. Then Tom and Kevin started talking engines and outboards.  Anna and I talked cosmetic bodypiercings.  The steaks were incredible. I love Cactus Club Peppercorn Sirloin.  Everyone was happy. Diet chocolate icre cream cake to end the evening.  We actually sang Happy Birthday for Anna too.
I didn’t get why they were so glad I was so impressed with the scarf Anna had made Kevin.  Anna sews and knits and does all those incredibly competent homesteader things.
I’d got the kids tackle boxes because they all love to fish.  Tom had actually wrapped my Turkey and Ham hamper so it really did look festive for the Christmas season.  We moved the hamper and gifts from the truck to their SUV.  Everyone hugged.
Well this week Kevin and Anna  dropped off the gifts for Laura and I. The best hand made scarves ever. Anna had made them in the fall and hoped we’d love them. Laura is ecstatic and I’m never taking mine off.
Happy Birthday Anna and thanks for the Christmas scarves!  (George is whacked on the catnip and we’re phoning around to see if there are any cat recovery programs.  Gilbert will be stealing the cat ball but we’ll be able to find him in the night thanks to the light he can now wear.  Thank you.)
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