Wednesday, December 28, 2016


“You said he’s wants to be a writer. Wants to experience everything."
Paused for a puff on his cigar.
"You’re sure.  A dancer. Nice body. Young. You know I like them young.” he said.
Man in his 40’s, rugged.  Tall. A traveller.  He got around.  Smoked cigars..  Drank whiskey straight. dressed expensively well. Groomed fashionably longer hair.
His friend was a record producer.  Plump little man with balding head, bushy sideburns, snappy dresser.  Walked with just a hint of swish.
“Bob,” I’d like you to meet Billy. He’s the boy I told you about."
The introduction occurred one night in the record producers flat.
“Hi kid. How you doing.”
The record producer brought out the pot. He’d already poured them whiskey.  They sat about in the elegant flat in the modern apartment complex, favoured by professional dancers, known as a place where homos and artists lived.
It wasn’t long before clothes were coming off.  They’d had a few tokes were onto their second or third drink.
Bob put his arm around Billy. Felt the muscles in his arms.  Helped him take off his shirt. Looking down,admired the boys smooth chest. Only a few hairs.   Red nipples. He ran his hand across the smouth young chest, toughing the nipples. Good looking body.  He helped the boy undo the buckle on his belt,  unzip his jeans.  He watched as the kid slid them off. Tight jeans.  White stanfields.   He coaxed him to slip them off too.  Looked him up and down  naked except for his white socks. His cock was soft. Hanging.  Hair around the genitals. Thin hips. Flat stomach. The bones protruded just a bit. Nice dancer legs.  He liked what he saw. Reached down and briefly fondled the boys ball sack. Felt himself growing hard.
His friend observed him , smiling.
“Like what I said,”
“Yes,” he replied. “Nice”.
The boy was looking out the big picture window at the cars passing by below.
He put his hands on the boys shoulders and pivoted him around. He had to look at the boys buttocks.  They were  something.  God they were firm. Tight.  Little dancer buttocks.  He liked them a lot. His cock grew hard, really hard. Just looking at that ass.
He got the boy to lie flat on the bed. Undressed himself quickly. His big dick throbbing at the sight of that white smooth back, those long legs and that hard little ass.
What gorgeous boy!  God he was hungry for him.  His dick was hard.  Standing straight up.  A regular trooper. He was out of his clothes  and lying down beside that gorgeous body slipping his hand between the cheeks needing the muscles. He couldn’t wait. He rolled on top of the boys boys back pressing his dick between though pretty little buttocks.  He felt the  boy tense up.  He didn’t have any lube. He didn’t use a condom. He didn’t have time. He needed this boy.  He needed him now.  His chest was hard against boys back and he was spreading kids buttocks with his hard hard cock pushing forward even as the boy began to squirm.  He heard the kid say “no”  but his cock was already worming and pushing its way in, ripping forward.  He was in deep holding the kid down with one hand on his back  and ramming his cock home. God it felt good. The kid  was tight. God he was tight. Pushing his cock deep in that kids ass. Feeling it wet now, sliding it in and out.  Feeling it. Really feeling it.  God it was good. Life was good. This was good. The kid was limp now. Taking it in the ass.   The fight gone out of him. He was fucking the kid  hard. The shaft was going all the way in and his balls were banging up against that pretty little ass.  It was something heavenly.  He was arched his back as he continued to pound it home.  It was something so good, that feeling down in his groin, the soft wetness on the tip of his penis. Then he was shooting his load, spurting his jism deep in side the kid, breeding him. God how it  felt good.  All that heat.  All that rush.  His  whole body collapsed on the back of the kid after he exploded and  his dick slowly  began to retract. He felt it slide out of that hot little  ass.
His record producer friend was there with a white towel. He was wiping himself off.  The kid was crying. His ass was bleeding. He’d get over it.  What was a little blood with love.
The kid ran to the bathroom. sobbing. .
“You said you wanted a virgin.”
“I know. They feel so good. That was awesome.  The tightness.  God it was good.  I haven’t spurted a load  like that in months."
I saw you were into it."
"You dirty old queen , whacking yourself off while you watched."
"Didn’t see you minding."
"I had my hands full. He really did struggle there for a bit."
"I don’t know why. He said he wanted it.You were a little  rough."
"They like it that way. Make them remember me.  It only gets better now.  Like breaking a horse.  After they have it like that they never forget.  Ride’m hard the first time then they appreciate the tenderness later."
“ Will you be staying?"
“No,  I've got to get back east.  Work to do."
You’re always about the money. "
"Don’t you know it". He was all dressed again pouring himself another whiskey and lighting a cigar.
“I’ll see what’s keeping he kid,” the record producer told his friend. .
The boy huddled naked in the corner on the shower floor,  hugging his knees,  watching the blood run from his bottom  across the white shower floor  down the drain.   He couldn’t feel the pain. He was just numb.  He’d finally stopped sobbing.
Here you can’t stay there , the record producer said.
He reached in and lifted the boy  by one arm helping him stand watching the blood running down the backs of his legs.  He took a white towel and cleaned him up.  ‘Dry yourself,” he said.
“Stop that crying. Clean your face up.   You’ll get over it. Trust me. I know.  I’ll get your clothes.” He left the kid and back to his friend
"Would you like another whiskey, “  he said as he gathered the kids'.
“I’m good, thanks. Is the kid okay."
"Oh yea.  First night stage fright. Just a little drama princes, that’s all.  Needs a tiara. Nothing to trouble yourself with."
Laughter. More laughter.
The man watched his friend took the kids clothes into the bathroom .  A moment later they both appeared.  He  watched the kid being shown out the door. He’d not stopped in to say good bye.  Hadn’t even thanked him.
“That was good,’ he said sucking on his cigar blowing a big smoke ring.”I have to thank you for that.” He told his friend when he came back in the apartment. “ Did you see those great buttocks. Tightest little ass I’ve had.  What a piece.  Blew my whole load.  Kids probably tasting my ism I spurted so hard."
More laughter.
“I told you I was taking your for dinner.” said the record producer.
“That’s what you promised. Then you can tell me about this new band you wanted me to invest in.’
The two friends left the apartment heading out for an early evening dinner.

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