Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Central Park Murder Scene, New York City

Guggenheim Museum has a lovely little cafe where Laura and I stopped for cappucino’s and croissants.  It has a perfect view of grizzly Central Park.
Given that media has taken to making up the news, NCIS, CIS and other New York based detective series have taken to killing off people randomly for their upcoming shows.
Homeless actors who have failed to become regular stars,  now  hoping for a last shot at a big breakthrough line up daily hoping to be picked.  Even understudies are coveted roles.  Canadians who can't afford the physician assisted suicide extra costs are also taking part.
From the Guggenheim you can see the television cameras rolling as a new ‘victim’ begins their career. Most set out jogging before they’re bludgeoned, stabbed or shot in Central Park. The serial sex crime scenes were a favourite at the Guggenheim Cafe eliciting the most cheers and bravos.
Laura and I leaving the Guggenheim headed down the Museum Mile and actually entered the famed Central Park outside the Met. We immediately tripped over a half dozen dead bodies left by detective novelists. Due to the ebook craze the book publishing industry can no longer afford the hefty clean up fees. Instead, they knock their victims off in the middle of the night leaving the bodies for the city to clean up.  Park workers were threatening to strike over their increased work load.
It was very exciting using Laura as bait. I was hoping to get a video of a live murder, sex scene, gang rape or alien abduction, to impress the Canadians back home.  There were too many people in the park at that time also trying to get bludgeoned,  not that Laura wasn’t great bait. Especially when she stood by the duck pond where a whole group of nanny’s have found dead bodies in the past.
We were a little disappointed.  But we figured we just hadn’t given it enough time. There’s just so many things to do in New York City one can’t hang around in Central Park forever waiting  to be murdered.
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