Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Canadian Motorcycling in Vancouver

Dave, Tom and I had been waiting for motorcycling weather. It had been pretty mild for most of the fall and the summer was really what we like to think of as American motorcycling weather. In Vancouver we motorcycle year round but haven’t been really excited about motorcycling till an Arctic wind dumped inches of snow on all of Vancouver.
This forces the whimpy cyclists off the road.  They have their hanks mare power wheels and special little snowflake lanes thanks to the mayor. But with the snow and snow ploughs they were no where to be seen.
Tom had come in from Chilliwack in my Ford F350 diesel 4x4 truck so he had first hand knowledge about the road conditions. Lots of folk were in the ditch.  Snow in Vancouver usually separates the northern and eastern drivers from those who have only driven in Vancouver where snow and ice conditions are cause for panic.  That said it definitely was Canadian motorcycling weather.
Dave rides his Harley year round. I usually put the Harley to bed in the comfort of Trev Dealy’s motorcycle storage room where all the big boys tell tales all winter long when the mechanics go home.  This year I’d not got it to Trev Deely. I’ve ridden my Honda Enduro year round but Dave figured he’d help me get my Harley started up before bringing his round.  Tom was more than willing to ride my motorcycle if I wasn’t going to.
Well, we had a couple of battery chargers going, and finally the Big Dog got her turned over. It really was cold.  So Dave headed back and got his motorcycle going but Thank God someone distracted him.  I was scared shitless he was going to come back and damned if out of pride I wasn’t going to have to ride along.
Tom and I with Gilbert got inside out of the cold and enjoyed hot venison stew and drinks instead..  IMG 2879IMG 2880IMG 2882IMG 2884IMG 2891

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