Monday, March 28, 2016

Total Aquatics, Inc. Napanee, Ontario

My brother Ron likes aquariums and tropical fish. I remember when he made his own aquariums then he got into salt water and coral.  It’s a meditation too.
In Napanee his favourite store is Total Aquatics.  Amazing family run business with fish and coral everywhere. Off in another room they also have snakes, chinchilla, hamsters, reptiles.
 “Adell doesn’t mind the fish and dogs but draws the line at reptiles and snakes.”  Ron says.
After much discussion , Ron came home with some fine new corral.  The Angel fish found it delectable.
“That’s what I mean about making sure everything in the tank is compatible.” Ron laughs.
Back at Total Aquatics, he finds some more choral.  Hopefully less tasty than the last bits.
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