Saturday, March 5, 2016

BC Boat and Hunting Show 2016, Tradex, Abbotsford, BC

Derek reminded me first about the BC Boat and Hunting Show.  “Some of the guys and I are going out Friday."
I didn’t think I would make Friday.  But I told Tom about it.
Saturday morning, Tom called, “Still want to go to the BC Hunting Show?"
“Well, if you hadn’t phoned I would have stayed on the couch drinking coffee and wallowing in self pity?"
“Meet there at 12."
Okay.  Gilbert couldn’t come because they foolishly don’t allow dogs in the hunting show. He was left doing guard duty for the day.  My truck was in the shop being repaired so I took the Mazda Miata and drove out with the top down. Hot and sunny day for early spring.
Tom was already there, having driven down from Chilliwack.
Great show.  We loved the boats and sea dos and Yamaha Wave Riders.  Capella  Outfitters werethere.  Steveston Marina had the Icon radios we needed.  Great show deals so typical of Stevestons! I got Laura a pink camo skirt.  The Langley guy who does all the get your boat and ATV onto of your truck equipment was there again  this year. He’s  amazing.
We had burgers and fries.  Trade show fair.  Couple of cute country girls in square dance dresses sat near us. We'd talked with a mother and her 3 month old baby waiting for the burgers.  Asked if she was getting the little girl baby a fishing rod or a rifle, the very attractive mother said, "I think I'll buy her a rifle first."
I talked with a guy who hunted moose and bear. Told me about his buffalo hunt up Ft. St. John way.
Then we walked about some more looking at boats and motors.  Honda has a new 500 side by side 4x4 that looks like it could beat my Yamaha 450 for versatility and fun.  I ‘d like to have Gilbert on the seat beside me rather than behind me.  But the Argo amphibious machine is a whole other level of mobility.  We liked the aluminum boats.  Terrier knives were there.  Aussie boots.  Lots of camp and boating gear.  Rifle and binoculars.  I actually was taken with a set of Nikon opera glasses. Even Harley Davidson had some bikes there.  But the sweet offload on road was my Honda 250.  The suzuki 650 enduro is still sweet machine.
There were the big aluminum perfect boats and the great fishing boats, all the outboards too.  A fly tying demonstration was going on.
Rifles of all hunting kinds were being sold. Everything one could want for hunting or fishing was on display.
We really liked the new Iridium satellite safety text phones. Great safety tech.
My Vortex binoculars I got last year after seeing them at the Tradeshow were brighter than my Bushnell’s.  You can’t have enough binoculars or knives. (or boat, or atvs, or motorcycles etc). All the guides were there with pictures of their incredible sites for fishing and hunting.  British Columbia is a seriously beautiful province.

All round a great event!

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