Friday, March 18, 2016

Ballet BC Program 2, 30th Anniversary Season.

I love Ballet BC.  Emily Molnar the artistic director brings a unique perspective to Vancouver. Ballet BC is  extraordinary  modern dance.  Every show I’m lifted out of the mundane into a different dimension where sound and movement mesh in specific and peculiar ways that expand my everyday seeing. Tonight’s two pieces by French choreographer Mehdi Walerski, Prelude and Natus, again did just that.  They were so different that were it not for the program I’d not have known they were by  the same choreographer. As ever the dancers were gifted and spectacular, hard half naked glistening contortionist bodies of elegance and discipline.
I loved the Prelude duet by Rachel Meyer and Scott Fowler.  Peter Smida playing the Man in Natus was everything from hilarious to hysterical.  “Where is the party?”  This line was  repeated through the dance in an almost Kafkesque way. The dancers moved rhythmically to a mixture of drums and words. The amazing set of distorted mirrors and burlesque lighting created a truly special space.
As the curtain closed, the audience burst forth in shouts of Bravo.  The cast bowed again and again as the standing ovation crescendoed.  What a truly culturally rich evening of unforgettable performances.  IMG 0614

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