Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trudeau "Men, Women shouldn't be afraid to be feminists".

I almost puked yesterday.
I heard  Trudeau on the radio say. "Men, Women should not be afraid to be feminists."
I could taste the bile.
"I am not a feminist". I thought. I rather agree with Lauren Southern whose talk "Why I am not a feminist."  is world reknowned. I just wish Trudeau would have spent more time doing his homework than smoking pot and catch up with the times and reality. .  
 I am not afraid to say what I think or feel.  How typical, though,  of the controlling immature language of the totalitarian left as to pigeonhole the feelings of anyone who disagrees with them.
The First Italian Woman to climb Mount Everest meeting with one of first women to sail around the world in small sailboat were asked by a silly American journalist, "Are you women feminists?"
The women replied.
"No we are not feminists.  Feminists just talk.  We are women. Women do things."
I love women. I've always loved women.  My mother was a woman who did things.  My aunt was the executive assistant to Canada's ambassador. I was raised by strong women and by and with great women.  "I love International Woman's Day".
I can't can 't  forget the year the Women's Liberation movement was hijacked by Social Communism, Egalitarianism overnight changed to Tokenism.  Feminism until proven otherwise stopped being a woman's movement and became an 'anti male movement.    
Today's Feminists are 'afraid' of 'free speech'.  They thrive on emotionalism and threat. They demand  Justin Trudeau feminism,   They try to ban the likes of  Christina Hoff Sommers from speaking on campus. They say they are too weak and  'terrified" to hear anything that disagrees with their feminism, the new religion of hate.  
Professor Sommers  wrote the classic book, "Who stole feminism? How Women Betray Women".  She described the hijacking of the women's movement by invested interests: non egalitarian 'gender feminists!" With the typical bullying tactics of the Left,  her womanly campus talks were  boycotted by angry girl feminists.
University of Ottawa's Professor Janice Flamengo's has clearly stated "Why I am an anti feminist" She clearly  Feminism has 'double standards'.  Her You Tube series is excellent but she is now 'boycotted by Feminists.  Robyn Urback's written of this in his National Post blog, "If this is the new women's movement, it's no wonder girl's don't want to call themselves 'feminists'.  I'd argue that if Trudeau calls himself feminist there's no better reason than that for the majority of Canadian men and women no longer wanting to be associated with a crazy cry baby cult.
"I was a feminist 20 years ago," my male medical colleague said.  "I wouldn't say I am today.Is anyone still a feminis? All the women I know wouldn't call themselves that. They're doctors.   lawyers and architects."
Prof. Aim Sinpeng, Political Science Professor, University of Sidney has argued that the International Women's Movement is critically important.  She makes the case for  "International feminism' speaking to basic human rights  for women, the right to life, liberty, freedom to vote, protection from genital mutilation, and sex slavery, etc.
The vast majority of Canadian men and women, especially those who have little or no respect for  Trite Trudeau, support equality for women.  The Conservatives especially, lead today by the powerful Rona Ambrose, Canadian Opposition Leader,  are  most dedicated to stopping abuses against women and ensuring equality.   Canada's first female Prime Minister was indeed the Conservative Kim Campbell. She was a tough Canadian woman much like the present Supreme Court of Canada Judge Beverly McLaughlin.  The Real Women of Canada are  brave women as they've spoken out for Canadian women, not just feminists.
Troudeaus are not known for their bravery. Neither are feminists these days.  It's sad that Trudeau would even suggest that 'fear' is what motivates Canadians to reject today's feminism, a weak sister to what went before.  Possibly because the Trudeau "Brand"  got the kid elected he clings to outdated 'symbols', weak sister politicking on past perceived glory.  International Women's Day is about Women, not just feminists, male or female.  Lets celebrate International Women's Day with the respect women deserves.  Trudeau should leave his divisiveness of leftist language politics of abuse, implied and otherwise. Canadian women have always been and will remain resourceful without him.  .

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