Saturday, March 5, 2016

Delmar and the Night Lights

Tom and I had stopped by House of James for a coffee in their cozy little coffeeshop off the main book store.  Before we did that  I had to get myself a big print NIV Bible. I wouldn’t say I ‘need’ it but I certainly enjoy the easy reading compared to squinting with the little print editions.  Tom explained his fondness these days for the King James Bible so when he wasn’t looking I got him a big print King James.
Over coffee I said, “Here’s a big print King James.  I know you don’t need it yet but when you read it you’ll thank me for the easy read.”  We laughed.  We’re both over 60 and have known each other since our 40’s.
It turned out that Delamar and the Nightlights were playing on stage there that night so we waited around to hear the band. We were glad we did.

“That lead guitar player sure was something, “ Tom said later.  Tom’s a mean fiddler so when he says someone is good, they’re good.  Personally I liked the whole band sound and told the lighting guy as we were leaving, ‘those guys could play at any biker rally.”  Some country rock and blues sounds were there but mostly it was hard hitting rock that reminded me of the gospel stage at Sturges. I loved their music and hope they get a CD out soon so I can play it on the Harley driving dow the highway.
Loved the harmonies. Loved the girl voice.  But the musicians all were great.  Terrific drums and base and the organ just sang with lead guitar.  The young rhythm singer was a whole lot of fun.  Tom and I were glad we stayed.
We couldn’t stay for the second set though because I’d left Gilbert at home.  Tom headed back to Chilliwack and I headed back to Vancouver.  A great night.  Thanks House of James. Thank you Delmar and the Night Lights
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