Monday, April 4, 2016

Hay Bay Easter Gone to the Dogs

Normally easter is an Anglican week with a mixed North Shore Round Up weekend.  This Easter though, Ron and Adell, invited us all to Hay Bay.  The big attraction really was the dog gathering.  Graeme had a new brindle cockapoo, named Pepper.  Andrew and Tanya were bringing the big doodle, Conan and Alan and Adell had Eva another female cockapoo.  Gilbert hurt his back in the fall and almost didn’t make it back to this world so it’s been a real godsend to see him gaining back his old self.  He spent at least a couple of months going from totally immobile to somewhat to no just being a little weak at times. He’s actually climbing two flights of stairs and can jump up on the bed. He’s not able to spring up and down off a motorcycle like he used to but the idea of a week of horsing around with his dog buds was just what the doctor ordered. I looked forward to seeing my brother. Like Gilbert he had his wake up call  but has been rallying against the odds.   I had a cold which in fact may simply be allergies since it happens this time each year and the doctor said it was the worst count pollen in decades.  So with consultation with Dr. George and my brother and sister it was thought despite my cough and fatigue, with the antibiotics on board and no green sputum I should be okay. Ron’s white blood cell count has been up despite his chemotherapy.  So Gilbert and I took to the airways again. This time Air Canada who lost my luggage but got it back to me a day later.  Not bad.
When we arrived the snow had gone.  A day later we had a dusting of snow which also left before I did.  It was shifting weather with the ducks and geese and swan back on the bay.  IMG 0627IMG 0709IMG 0700IMG 0695IMG 0706IMG 0712IMG 0665IMG 0663IMG 0686IMG 0691IMG 0652  1IMG 0647IMG 0652IMG 0639IMG 0637

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