Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I'm grateful for this life. I'm especially grateful for Gilbert. He's been my cockapoo companion for six years.  Pretty good guy.  Wakes me squirminga and licking my face when the alarm goes off. Sometimes he's early.  Sometimes I wake and find him staring at me waiting for me to awake. I take him for a walk each morning.
I'm thankful for this clinic. It's well run, nice place.  Most of the folk are fine.  Occasionally someone is particularly adolescent but overall it's a good routine.  I especially like the people I work with.
I'm thankful for internet and access to knowledge. I'm disappointed in main stream information but love pubmed and the libraries on the internet.  I like Facebook as it keeps me in touch with family in friends. It's a bit of an obsessive thing.  I wonder about what I did before I was 'checking'.
I'm thankful I'm over the coughing but I'm still tired.  I'm having trouble getting to sleep and I think my sleep cycle has been disrupted a bit.  Otherwise I'm better each day.
I'm thankful for the rain for the plants but i loved the sunshine.
I'm thankful for my family and pray for my brother health.
I'm sorry for patients and worry for them and am doing my best but am given mixed messages by the authorities who are almost at the point of offering people death for money like companies who sell off early retirement.  I've mixed feelings about my life work 'doing no harm' and trying to 'save lives' reduce suffering and improve quality and quantity of life. It seems  that there's more money thesee days in death and I'm feeling like a dinosaur. I thank you Lord for the years of joy I experienced watching people come alive again.
Thank you Lord for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy so I can see what crazy thinking I can get into and try to stop it. Thank you for the knowledge that I'm the source of most of my negativity. Thank you for the understanding of perception and reality. Thank you for the realization that I am not my ideas and that I am a self greater than the sum of parts.
Thank you for the great ideas of life, like life itself, like God, like purpose, like meaning, like family, like community, like work, like freedom.  Thank you for the shoulders of those who have gone before me and help me to appreciate those who work in administration and government.
Help me to overcome my resentments to institutions.
Help me to be more obedient and appreciate that freedom comes with obedience.  Thank you for teaching me that the greatest leader was once the greatest follower. Thank you for the stories  of the Bible, like David, Thank you for Jesus.  Thank you history. I'm so enjoying reading about the Raj right now and the development of Europe and China.  Thank you for the advances in medeicine. Thank you Truvada the new HIV prevention drug.
Thank you for the antibiotics.
Thank you for Revia which reduces alcohol craving by half.
Thank you for the new anti viral drugs.
Thank you for chemotherapy all those anti cancer drugs which successfully kill cancer cells and protect the body from these bully cells.
Thank you for colours. I really do like that the world isn't in lack and white. Thank you for the sense of smell I still have. I'd like it if I could have my sense of smell restored but I am thankful for what I have. Thank you for the hearing I have. I feel I'm going deaf and have more difficulty hearing but I'm thankful for what I can hear.
Thank you for my truck and sports car. The F350 Ford is the ultimate rural vehicle and a great workhorse for pulling my trailer and hauling my ATV for hunting. But thank you for the Miata since it's the perfect commuter and city car and now I can even have the roof down. I'm thankful that I'll have my harley back this weekend.  Please protect me from crashing and help me be safe on the road.
Thank you for the barbecue. I've so enjoyed barbecuing this week. With my flu going I'm again really enjoying the taste of barbecue food. For weeks all I wanted was soup and didn't have the energy to cook anything. Now I'm excited at the prospect of cooking.  It's good to feel things coming back to normal.  Thank you for normal  God.
Thank you for this day God and all your blessings.  

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