Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Morning after the American Election

We're still here. Civil War hasn't broken out in the US. I suspect that one day there will be a disclosure of the tricky dicky maneuvers this election has. Not because it's Obama but simply because both the Democrats and Republicans approach elections like American football games without referees. Like their money management of the world. It doesn't matter how we play the game, it's whether we win or lose. It's like war and marriage in that regard. All's fair. War hasn't changed but marriage has and will continue to evolve as societies change. The best comment I saw on Facebook was "We live in Canada." After that my favourite was "We survived Bush, we can survive Obama." According to the global warming group we won't have long to go. We'll all be black as toast in a year and it won't have anything to do with politics. But then I'm old enough to reflect on a life time of catastrophising by media who according to my personal 'conspiracy' theory are definitely in bed with booze and drugs so they can sell more anti anxiety "self medication". And we will never know if the Democrats got in because more people are smoking dope in the US than ever before. They're still drinking as much but on good days they keep peace, hunt down terrorists, send missions to Mars and develop some amazing technological advances. People quickly forget that everyone is trying to leave the Communist countries and the medieval countries with tyrants would be emptied but for one thing. America doesn't let everyone in. We may criticize Obama and Bush but that's where the world's people want to go. It's the new Rome. It's London and Paris and of course the Chinese want to be Washington but what Communist Country ever could compete since their principle atheist strategy is to kill tens of millions so they don't have dissent and with loss of dissent naturally lose creativity. Russia became great stealing American technology and China is doing the same. In contrast I put my faith in the western world where Canada recently was awarded for having the greatest personal freedom. No wonder people want to come here from all over the world. It's just sad that we 'sell' off the land letting bureaucrats and politicians get kickbacks for their sales. I'm concerned about Obama. I was concerned about Bush. I think Troudeau who was as concerning as any of them, including Harper, who I personally like, said it all, when you're a mouse living beside an elephant you have to pay attention even when you sleep. It's all way above my pay grade. I'm actually rather thankful that someone else takes care of the nitty gritty of government. Most of the people I've heard being critical of government only do that, criticize. I see those who are 'volunteering' and those who are actively involved in matters of state showing a great deal more humility. I have held many leadership positions in my life and frankly it sucks. You can't please everyone and there are in the US guys on the right and the left who think assassination is acceptable. We've seen Presidents get shot. It's not the Canadian way of doing things but Americans are footballers and not hockey players. I'm thankful that the Vancouver Riotters are being fine and put in jail by the extremely fine British Columbia judiciary which respects hockey. Hockey is not soccer where fans use the game as an excuse to get drunk and beat each other up in the stands. Hockey is not American Football where they have to have cheerleaders to keep the audience attention while everyone stands around and talks most of the game. If life was a hockey game Obama and Romney would be a different story. Who knows who would be the puck and who would be the stick in that universe. Parallel universe's exist as surely as heaven and hell. Despite threat of nuclear war all my life and rank stupidity and sometimes downright psychopathic sociopathic economic and political deceit, I'm thankful for this morning and this sunny day. Congratulations America for having yet another election without shooting voters or aborting female fetuses to fix the elections years in advance. One day I trust America and the world will ask Canada to lead but not too soon. We have hockey games and miracles to attend to. Right now our health care system and welfare system and defence system are all in as much need of help as the media here. So rather than gawking south and criticizing our neighbours we probably should get down to hewing wood and drawing water. That's what the Americans will probably be doing once they get over this outrageously wasteful and expensive political "party" boon dangle.

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Anonymous said...

well, it wasn't too long ago that politicians settled everything by killing in canada and usa

so we are making progress