Friday, November 9, 2012


Thank you for this day, God. Thank you for the sunshine. Thank you for this city of Vancouver. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you especially for Gilbert. Thank you for work. Thank you it is Friday and a weekend lies beyond. Thank you for this pleasant dilemma whether to hunt, fish, clean house, or catch up on work. Thank you for work, Lord. Thank you for the opportunity to serve and thank you for the wages I am paid. Thank you for the leadership of this world and please Lord guide and direct that leadership to the most sacred. Help me know you better too that I might do your will more exactly. Help me have purpose and serve you with joy in my heart, lightness in my step and care. Lord be with those departed and watch over them in their heavenly walk. Help me Lord here on earth in the glue of creation to move less awkwardly and be more sensitive and let me be kinder and more caring especially in my words. Help me swear less Lord and prayer for those sociopaths who steal from me and hurt all those around them because of their lack of diaper training and downright shitty behaviour. Again Lord sweeten my disposition and help me see this children with your eyes and not hate the little sons of bitches wanting to do unto them as they do unto others. Help me Lord instead to do thy will and not return evil for evil. Help me love still the negligent and self centred who are dishonest and uncaring as well. Indeed help me to love my enemies Lord. Help me to overcome my fear and my anger to those who threaten and attack me and hurt others around them with both overt, covert and passive aggression. Help me most forgive the enablers and those that standing by doing nothing encourage the evil doings who love these 'spectators' and see them as their 'fans'. Help me to walk upright when others are slithering or crawling. Help me to be truthful and honest when those in authority are lying and bullying. Help me to be good when others are bad. Help me Lord in all my endeavours. Guide me in all my actions. Be my eyes and ears and feelings, heart and mind. Thank you for my boats and car and truck and motorcycles and bicycle. Thank you for the vehicles and the radio and telephone and computers and internet. Thank you for those I work with and the office buildings and streets and electricity and water and toilets and restaurants and fast food and grocery story and fine foods. Thank you for the air I breathe. Thank you for the tennis ball that Gilbert loves. Thank you for dog walks. Thank you for the oceans and the inside passage. Thank you for navigation and gps and the stars and moon and sun. Thank you for clothing and fashion and photography and art and music. Thank you for the guitar, violin, drums and especially the bag pipes Lord. Thank you for Scotland and Canada and the United States and Australia and Europe and Saipan and Hong Kong and Israel and Africa and Asia and Malaysia. Thank you for birds and animals. Thank you for fish and creatures of the sea. Thank you for heat and thank you for cold. Thank you for boxes and tables and chairs. Thank you for rugs and blankets and especially electric blankets and electric throws. Thank you for all your blessings especially the ones I don't remember and I take for granted and thank you for you Lord and everything and all. Hallelulujah! Hallelujah! And Yippie Kay Yaaaaaa.

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