Sunday, November 4, 2012

Windows 8

I'm getting tired of reloading all the old programs to the new computer. It's supposed to be automatic but it's far from it.  I've been at the process for hours and I'm still not done. I just found out that there's no 'app' for this Blogger.  I remember I left Microsoft a few years back because they made it difficult for programs from google and mac to work on them. |I know these companies all are at a business level still playing in a sandbox and we personally just want them all to get along. I guess I must appreciate how well they do. We still have metric and inches and feet and such in the real world.  There are laws in every country and laws in every city.  It's supposed to be a 'global' world and yet individually I personally pay for all the transfer from currency to software to legal documents. It's a nickel and dime process that gives work and my money to countless 'beggars' who don't seem 'necessary' to the process.  My rant for today.  The bottom line is that whenever you plan to upgrade in computer world make sure you have a weekend free and are reasonably geek enough to do all the 'extras' that are never mentioned to get the new system functioning like the old system.

This is better than windows 7 by a long shot.  It's about the same as Mac.  I like that it's faster.  It's easier to use in some ways but more difficult in others. I haven't figured out how to get information front and centre. I like how I can move my apps around on the iphone but it's not so easy here.  I like the touch screen on my ipad too and wish I had something similar here.  Next generation of computers will probably have the features that we want and by then I'll probably have forgotten how much I hate transferring data and talking to computer reps outsourced to different planets with English as a second or third language..

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Anonymous said...

I bought windows eight and downloaded it but did not install it as I had a nightmare that I would lose the Office 2003

that is simple and I like not having to buy Office 2010 and like you.... face all the problems

so windows 8 just sits there for now