Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ural Motorcycle ride to Chilliwack, Nov. 2012

Tom flew his little plane back from Toronto at about 65 to 75 miles per hour. He's storing it in a hanger right now well he repairs the prop. Since I haven't been able to do the logistics of showing and selling my Ural Motorcycle he offered to help me sell it.
 I haven't ridden my Harley this year because I've had no place to park it. It's a sad state of affairs when I have too many vehicles and have to let this beauty go because of lack and cost of  storage and parking. It was a fun ride on the Ural out to Tom's until the night and cold hit.  I had to stop in Abbotsford to unthaw at Macdonald's with a coffee.  When I got to Chilliwack Tom had  the fun of riding it a bit. I joined Gilbert then in the warmth of the Ford truck.
I finally got to see Tom's plane, this little beauty that he raced a Volkswagon bus across the Prairies with when a head wind put him at a disadvantage. Sitting in his plane after almost freezing my butt off driving the Ural from Vancouver to Chilliwack in November, I found myself reminiscing about working as a fly-in doctor through northern Canada.  Tom told me of his exploits landing in downtown Whistler. IMG 1933IMG 1936IMG 1939title="IMG_1944.JPG" border="0" width="450" height="600" />IMG 1946

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