Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wicked and Godly

Psalm 26 "I have not sat with vain persons; neither will I have fellowship with the deceitful. I hate the congregation of the wicked, and I will not sit among the ungodly."
"I will wash my hands in innocence, O Lord, and so will I go to thine altar"

There is clearly throughout the Bible a distinction between good and evil, right and wrong. We are asked to make judgements and follow the ways of the Lord.  I may in work be with a dangerous criminal but believe that I am meeting them where they are moving towards the light.  In my personal and recreational life I have more choice however how to spend my time. This psalm makes clear that I am to walk in the light.
Note the 'congregation of the wicked'.  I might have individual friends and meet with them knowing they continue to have addictions for instance but I don't join in their gatherings. It was noted in early AA that when a man went to see another on a 12 step call, hoping to help him stop drinking, it was as common as not that that man began drinking again himself.  For this reason, it was recommended that 2 sober people do a 12 step call rather than one alone.
It's been a long time since I sat with wicked men and listened to their conversations about work, government and women but I remember how their negativity and cynicism was infectious. Today I still am concerned, only a bit, about the television and books I read because all to often the message is 'revenge' and 'quick sex'. Still I am looking forward to seeing the latest James Bond movie and hope I can watch it as the fantasy it is.
I remember dinner with a  colleague and how sitting at his table was always about him bragging to all about his exploits that week, which colleague he bested, how he was proved right, always that sort of one upmanship theme. It wasn't until I stopped going to his house that I realized that he was such a vain and shallow man. We had all only been invited to be audience in his court.
Another doctor's table was a complete contrast. This humble Christian man encouraged everyone at the table to share and talk and we all joined together in the laughter and fellowship that was there always.

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