Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Harbourview Dog Park

Gilbert's favourite dog park in North Vancouver is Harbourview We don't get there nearly as often as he would like but when we do go it's always a perfect time. There's usually a few to a half dozen bums to sniff and all kinds of trees to piss on. Gilbert runs free and I walk behind carrying the poop bags. It's exercise for me, walking, stooping and scooping and a joy to see Gilbert so happy. He puts in long days at the office. I'm so thankful when I find the time during the week to let him run free. His weekend's on the docks or out in the woods are the stuff dogs dream of. His work week though can be gruelling and demanding. He is much among people and little with his own kind. As a pet therapist he finds people just don't get that throwing a tennis ball is the very best way to relieve stress. He works hard training humans to enjoy play. It's a pleasure for me seeing him playing with other dogs and running free through the sacred woods of the city.DSCN0025DSCN0032

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