Thursday, November 1, 2012

nikon coolpix android

This is the latest nikon coolpix.It is definitely revolutionary. I have enjoyed 2 generations of the coolpix before especially liking the 18x zoom
edition that came out a year or so ago.This android has 10x zoom and 16 megapixels. My iphone has a 5 megapix camera so this is definiyely much more camera as I'd expect from Nikon. There really is a whole lot of other stuff here like browser and gps and maps as well. With all the incredile goodies it will take thought to remember this is primarily a very sophisticated camera. It  certainly is sexy. I got it for travel where i dont want to take the really big and fancy nikon that seems to broadcast tourist and thief alert. This sweet ma hine can go anywhere with me and only attract attention when do what im doing now. Small is beautiful.

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