Sunday, November 4, 2012

Windows 8 Computer Burn Out

I kept coming up against one obstacle after another transferring programs from the internet. It didn't help that Wind, my internet server was down most of 2 days. I kept finding I couldn't do work because the server collapsed. I then talked repeatedly to people at the various phone outsource places about problems I had. Passwords galore and then more resetting of passwords. Virus security and more security. I wrote everything down everywhere and even then it was rejected. I'm even now dealing with Netflix having insisted my password which I keep installing isn't correct. Then it's the email. Finally I went to blog and found that there was no interface between microsoft and google. They're not speaking. So I would have to blog by opening the blog online. Previously I used Blogger or Blogpress and with MacAir, Marsedit. I simply couldn't find a similar thing for Windows. No doubt they're out there but I"d had it. 2 days trying to get my computer back to the level of functioning I had before I upgraded. I broke down and went to the Mac Store and bought another MacAir. The only difference between this one and the one that was stolen is that it's 13 inches so I had to get a new bag too. I'd watched the Toshiba 13 inch acreen and loved the movies that way. Then I lost the wind connection and netflix now insists my password isn't correct. So last night I broke down and watched a dvd movie. I have a television series on dvd. It was a dinosaur act considering the convenience I've come to know with my netflix on line. I did go to church for some peace of mind after wrestling with computer all day. I'll put the PC at the office where the computer there is several years old and due for upgrade. And what I do with PC at the office is get a computer tech to come in and set the computer up and have it interface with the office computer. I am again enjoying the MacAir. My 11 inch screen MacAir was stolen from the methadone office by a patient of mine but the insurance covered 90% of the cost. I bought an iPad expecting to get by with that but it didn't work with the new nikon for uploading pictures. I needed an iTunes. The office computer worked for that but travelling even to Seattle I don't have the luxury of the office computer so I missed the macair. I didn't want the weight of the mac pro which has far more things than I use. I really did like the macair before it was stolen and am liling it again. I didn't like all the hassle with the Toshiba Windows 8 though it really was an advance. I mostly used this home computer for blogging and when I found I couldn't do that without more hassle I decided it was no fun. No fun belongs at the office. I'd probably got it 99 per cent functional but it just worried me if I had to have something else go wrong. I confess I like having the guys at the Mac store as back up and the support is great. There was a time too when I liked fussing with computers but now I just want them to work. It's like the car. I love the Miata. i don't have to get under the hood. I used to live under the hood of some of my old beaters. I know that but today I don't seem to have the patience or interest. They're tools and I want them to work as such. I don't want to experience the 'culture' of the computer when I want to just write a letter, find some information or upload a picture or face someone on Skype. These are all revolutionary concepts and I've watched the computer industry embrace the 21st century and it's been an amazing ride. But I've been through the Wright Brothers all the way to the Jet Age and now I would just as soon be teleported as much as I appreciate all the incredible advances in the air industry. If I could walk I would or drive the Harley or the Miata. Even the Ford Truck is a joy but I'd rather not get under the hood anymore. Same goes for computers. IMG 1927

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