Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gratitude for Gilbert

DSCN0045 I am thankful for Gilbert. He was a long suffering dog today. We didn't get time for a walk this morning but he sat under my desk all through the morning's busy clinic with only a brief break to pee. Then we had to go to a lunch meeting where he was friendly with everyone. He was a real asset to the meeting visiting with his favourite friends and leaning up against my leg affectionately when he wasn't getting pets from those around us. Lots of smiles came his way. Then he peed on posts on the way back to the car only to have to get into the next office where he was ensconced until 7:30 pm. Everyone was so busy there was little time for him though he went about his job of greeter unperturbed by the long hours and stressful day. At night we drove to the open dog park where a couple of under socialized big dogs growled and barked and chased him with nasty intent. With his lightning speed and incredible agility he outpaced the murderous dog whose owner later said she had an 'electric leash' to keep him in line. Gilbert, being a good sport came back to play only to have the low brow insecure dog again make a lunge at him. We left and met a marvellous springer called Molly. Sweetest little dog you could ever imagine. Returning Gilbert played with another great big 8 year old dog.  His very pleasant owner said the fellow was 120 lbs and liked to stretch out in bed, pushing the humans off. I said Gilbert just lies down on my head and in the morning is a wet alarm clock. We laughed at our dogs, big and little playing together. Good fun. Back in the car I came home and Gilbert was just a great dog today. It was 9 when we got to dinner and that's more common than not but Gilbert braved the day and was a perfect little companion. I felt sorry for that girl whose dogs need an 'electric collar' . She probably shouldn't have them off leash but at least she has taken precautions. However if Gilbert wasn't so smart and fast he might have been chomped. So I really am all round grateful for Gilbert today. He's a really great little dog and I am truly thankful for him in my life. Thank you Lord for Gilbert!

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