Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Third Day - Langley

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 I first heard the band Third Day at the West Coast Biker Church. I couldn't believe how much the music moved me.  It was the very best of rock and roll with as hard hitting a Christian a message as the drums and rythm section delivered the soul.  Mac Powell's voice  was simply pure and true to me.  I left the church on my Harley Davidson Roadster that night. Laura remembers me buying my first album within days at the first Christian music store I came across.
Next I'd be sailing across the Pacific Ocean with my friend Tom. We'd break the mast on my forty foot sailboat a thousand miles from land.  With a jury rigged mast  we continued our trip. At night in storms I'd be listening to Third Day's , "There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel".  When it was darkest and I was worrying most we'd not make it through in the wee hours, that song would come on and I'd know God was standing watch beside me.  We'd be okay.
When I returned I wrote a letter to the band, probably the only time I've done something like that, thanking them for helping me in through the dark night of the soul.
When I bought my Harley Davidson Electraglide I had a sound system that came with it. Of course I had all of Third Day's albums by now and was always listening to them as I roared along. There's a lot of scripture in these songs. I loved the Creed.  I loved the old time Blessed Assurance. I loved all their songs but most of all I loved "There's a light at the end of the tunnel."
Then I heard they were coming to the West coast on their Wave tour. I couldn't see any Canadian sites online but saw they'd be stopping in Washington.  Work and so much else took up my time so I simply forgot.
Then Ryan came in one day, and knowing I loved Third Day music,  said, "Third Day is coming to Langley".
It was three days before the concert.  I had my secretary book us tickets.  Laura and I had the ballet that night but  we changed that till Saturday.
Third Day was coming to Canada. That was something I wasn't going to mis..
I worked later than I expected. Laura was waiting. I drove my new Mazda Miata with the roof down and Third Day playing on the radio. There was construction and I confess I worried we'd not be there in time. But we were and I even had time to buy tshirts before my size sold out.  Then Laura and I both loved Trevor Morgan and Matt Maher. We got the three cd set with Third Day, Matt Maher and Trevor Morgan for $25.
I already had the Third Day, Move album so now had a second.  The Langley Events Centre was packed.
In person Third Day was  simply awesome   Laura loved them. "They're such beautiful people, inside and out."  I liked that their minister travelled with them. I like the message too.  Revival.  They came down onto the floor and played some acoustic numbers before returning to the main stage.
When they were finished we were all standing applauding,  though we'd mostly be standing all along.  They came back for the encore.
And that's when they sang "There's a light at the end of the tunnel."  I cry now to think of it. I was crying there hearing it.  A bit of serendipidity and whole lot of remembering those lonely nights on watch.
Later that night Laura and I  drove back to Vancouver  feeling good through and through.  The Third Day Wave album was  playing loud on the radio.
Thank you Jesus.
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