Monday, May 7, 2012

Stereotyping Lawyers, Beurocrats, Poor and Rich

I know a whole lot of really fine lawyers. They're friends, colleagues and teachers. Yet when I'm unhappy I sometimes actually blame my unhappiness on "lawyers'.  It's the same with women.  My mother is my greatest heroine. I've had women friends who are the finest people I've known. Most women I have known have been truly remarkable.  I hired a psychopath once. She happened to be female.  I knew a real scumbag and he happened to be a lawyer.  My friend growing up was Jewish and I've had so many Jewish friends in university and work.  One was a legitimate sociopath.  My First Nations friends are tremendous. We've hunted and fished and hung out together many a weekend. Yet I know a native man who is so lazy and complains all the time that no one will take care of him. I'm a Christian and yet I know some milk toast mealy mouthed Christians that literally give Christianity a bad name. I've a lot of immigrant friends and my grandfather was one of Canada's greatest immigrant yet I sometimes think I'm unhappy because the 'immigrants' are taking too much.  Same with the prisoners. I've known people who were unfairly imprisoned. I've worked in the jails myself and known 'there but for the Grace of God' go I but sometimes I think that the jails and prisoners are the reason I'm unhappy. It usually occurs that I'm thinking about some of these 'groups' as 'bad' when I don't feel I've got enough money for something I'm doing. Beaurocrats are another one of my bug bears.  When I'm down it's almost certain some beaurocrat is the problem. If it's not the beauorocrat then it's got to be the politicians.  Once it a while too it's the people on social assistance. If they weren't around I'd be doing better, for sure.  Otherwise it's the bankers though my own bankers are really fine people who I know and like and can't truly find fault with individually.  But it might be the rich then. However the truly rich people I know personally came by their wealth through hard work and intelligence and deserve the merits they've earned.  Generally it's administrators and overall usually any authority figure randomly picked on any day. It may as well be the weather man for all it's worth at times.
It seems that predjudice is tied in with 'self pity'.  Whenever I'm feeling self pity I like to blame it on someone.  Probably it's just because the sun isn't shining that day or I've got gas but I somehow like to link my discomfort with some external group in a kind of paranoid ecstatic revelation.  Aha, I say and of course it's these people.
The trouble is, it's rarely the folk I know. It's some 'thosepeople' as E.E. Cummings said.  The lawyers, politicians, beauocrats, women, immigrants, wealthy, poor, Christians or other, all are at fault even though this is logically impossible.
That's why in the end if it's not God it's the aliens that are undermining my personal existence.  And I have to tell you about it.  I have a clear argument in my journalistic brain that makes this clear.  Sometimes it's individually so true but when I speak in groups and 'thosepeople' I'm to be suspected. Not all Canadians are idiots at times like I am, just some of us. And the same goes for others too.

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