Saturday, May 19, 2012

St. James Anglican Church - Mother's Day

Laura and I enjoyed church mother's day.  We'd once been in another church on mother's day and the minister hadn't even acknowledged the day. Laura and I both talk still of our mothers who have passed but still remain an influence on so much of our day to day life. I can't say I think often "What would Jesus do?" but I still find myself thinking "What would my mother say?"  As I've grown older this is more a positive thought than when I was much younger.
Rev. Robbins-Greenaway made it clear that we don't 'worship' Mary at St. James but it's equally clear that she is celebrated as the Mother of God.  It was fitting therefore that on this day Mother Alexis Saunders gave the sermon.. I was delighted after by the children being called forward for the blessing of the flowers for our lady.  I had to restrain Gilbert as he would gladly have run along with the little boys and girls as they streamed forward to the altar. This was followed by a procession to the intimate  blessed sacrament chapel behind the main altar.  Vandals had damaged the painting there of the annunciation which parisioners had taken upon themselves to restore.  Together we prayed there before the concluding of the service.
As usual leaving the church the light was brighter and I felt freer.  Gilbert was glad to get out so he could pee on more trees. Together we drove to our favourite Sunny Cafe on Main for brunch, a new Christian week begun.

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