Sunday, May 6, 2012

100 Saints You Should Know

Kate Fodor's play, 100 Saints You Should Know, opened Friday night at Pacific Theatre.  Just a story of people's lives, three generations, about love and death, finding oneself and finding God, or meaning.  I was moved,  I was accompanied by three beautiful women and the two grandmothers nearly ran out of kleenex. Meanwhile I loved the humor.  The writing has a shining brilliance of wit and charm that so highlights the human condition in all it's awkwardness and panache.  I loved every moment of it, drawn into the story by the superb acting.  Rebecca Deboer, Katherine Gauthier, Chris Lam, Kerri Norris and Joel Sephanson.  Anthony F. Ingram was the director.  What a beautiful play done so well by beautiful people.

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