Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cosmetic Green Karey Shinn

Karey Shinn's latest fashion production celebrates nature in dance and theatre on the anniversary of Rachel Carson's classic ecological work,  Silent Spring.  Karey's previous fashion works have included clothing for activists in extreme conditions..  Concerned about the far reaching effects of pesticides, she is ever  protecting the purity of the water supply. Her fashion is always 'wearable', allowing one to dance and run,  if only because she as a truly creative artist she knows  'one step ahead of the crowd makes you a leader whereas two steps ahead can make you a martyr."   Karey's show opened in Toronto   Moving forward from Andy Warhol she brings consciousness to the catwalk  When another Canadian Marshall McLuhan said the "medium is the message' obviously Karey was listening.  Cosmetic Green is eye candy for the heart and brain.

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