Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ballet BC -Bliss

IMG 1132
Laura and I enjoyed the Ballet BC performance Bliss. It was a world premiere by Montreal Choreographer Jose Navas. It was a neo classical peice with Mozart music, girls on endless point and robust men making flying leaps across the stages.  So unique in it's mixture of old and new styles it was almost baroque.  True genius in conception with the dancers performing brilliantly.
It was still light out when we arrived.  I was surprised at the spring 'skin' with ladies no longer wearing stockings, sandals and bare legs for all. We looked a pale lot rain tanned by Vancouver winter and only now breaking out in light cottons and spring frocks.  We found it hard to leave the outdoor deck chairs  this Saturday night.  The Ballet BC has a loyal following with seats packed despite no doubt drawing tonight's crowd from barbecues and beeches.
This was a grand and timely season finale. I look forward to next year's offering already having my Ballet BC season tickets.  I can't imagine how anyone survives Vancouver winters without Ballet BC.  The dancers always lighten the darkness and celebrate the body electric.

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