Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mysteries of the Middle Ages Thomas Cahill

Mysteries of the Middle Ages and the Beginnings of the Modern World by Thomas Cahill is as much a joy to read as his previous works in this Hinges of History series. I was captivated by the first, "How the Irish Saved Civilization". The "Gifts of the Jews" and "Desire of the Everlasting Hills" were especially fascinating as a result of the most erudite research presented in a most appealling after dinner story way.  Thomas Cahill is a remarkable scholar but his real gift is as a story teller.  I loved reading most this time the extraordinary women of these times, the political giant and epoch maker, Eleanor, and Hildegaard of Bingen.  I actually think I can make sense of the various crusades thanks to this book and even more appreciate the art and architecture of the day.  Sometimes thought of as a dull time before the rennaissance Cahill makes it clear that the middle ages were anything but.  Thank you Thomas Cahill for taking me on another overland journey, as compared with your earlier work,  Sailing the Wine Dark Sea .

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